Aims of the ESA

The ESA has been established to work towards:

  • harmonisation of appropriate standards
  • harmonisation of appropriate legislation
  • development of sealing technology
  • safety, efficiency and environmental protection

Overall, the ESA operates to:

  • act as a forum, in which issues of common interest can be discussed and actions formulated
  • act as a point of contact with other appropriate organisations
  • raise the credibility of the sealing industry

In particular, the ESA operates as an international group on issues where an individual Company may have limited influence, such areas including:

  • the European Union, in terms of
    • (a) relevant standards, and
    • (b) relevant legislation
  • national organisations
  • other appropriate associations
  • the customer base (particularly through education and training initiatives)


ESA membership is open to companies involved with fluid sealing and has many benefits.

Membership requirements

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