Membership of the Association is open to reputable companies involved in the production and supply of sealing products in Europe and the surrounding regions. Click here to see the benefits of membership.

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There are 3 forms of membership, dependent upon the nature of product or service which a potential applicant provides:

  • Full membership
  • Associate membership
  • Consulting membership

In general, Full membership is limited to sealing material manufacturers with production capability in Europe. These Members may be independent Companies, or European subsidiaries of Groups or Companies with headquarters overseas. The important factor is that a Full Member must have production facilities in Europe.

On the other hand, Associate membership is for suppliers to the industry, users of the products and so on. This category is also used for those sealing material manufacturers who have no production capability in Europe. Importantly, these Companies must play a vital role in the sealing market in Europe.

As part of the aim of the ESA to develop sealing technology, it is recognised that the ESA and its Members must draw on the knowledge and expertise of a wide range of relevant persons outside of the sealing industry. Consequently, the ESA has introduced Consulting membership, which is by personal invitation from the Executive Committee, and aimed specifically at these expert contributors.

From the outset, membership has been open to "serious players" only, and consequently the membership contributions reflect a level of professionalism and dedication which would be expected of the industry leaders. The annual contribution is set at a level to ensure that the ESA will have adequate funding available for worthy activities, and in return, those Companies which are prepared to commit the resources and time will gain the maximum benefit. The Association operates with tight control of its costs, and deliberately maintains a reserve fund (equivalent to approximately one year's expenditure), for use in case of priority need if appropriate.

All Members pay an annual membership contribution, on an equal, flat-rate basis, independent of the size of the Company and Class of membership.

The annual contribution for 2018 membership is Euro's €5900.00

A prompt-payment discount of 5% is offered for all annual invoices which are settled before the end of March of the new year.

This annual membership fee can be reduced after the first year of becoming a member by taking up a position within any of the divisions or Executive Committee, attending a divisional meeting (not AGM) or writing an article for a publication. The maximum reduction in fees is €1500

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To apply for membership
Companies wishing to apply for membership must provide details of staff and facilities in Europe, plus the range of products and services, in order to clarify the form of membership which would be most appropriate. Please download the Membership Application questionnaire as a pdf file (127 KB) and return this after completion to the ESA office. This is your formal application for membership and will initiate the application process.

All applications for membership are considered by the Membership Committee and Executive Committee in the first instance, and their recommendations are then decided by majority vote of all Members. Importantly, the ESA will elect only those Companies which are willing and able to contribute to the progress of the Association, through commitments to activities and work programmes.

For more information, please contact the Secretary General


ESA membership is open to companies involved with fluid sealing and has many benefits.

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