Thursday 7th July 2016

Election update

As always in May at the AGM a number of people changed positions as their two-year appointment expires and some step down for personal or business reasons. There is also the re-election of various positions of the Executive Committee. Below is a summary of the changes in each division together with their contact details and also an insight into the people themselves. A big thankyou to all those that have now stepped down and welcome to the new team.

Executive Committee

John Morton remains Chairman, Wolfgang Bommes Vice Chairman and Ulf-Oscar Homann Treasurer, all remain in their current positions. Other members of the Executive committee are Mark Horton of Flexitallic and Ozan Devlen from Kastas. Michael Werner, Teadit steps down and we are pleased to report that Simone Wilson from IDT was elected to replace him.

Simone Wilson, ESA Executive Committee
Simone Wilson, Member of Executive Committee
I am excited to be part of the ESA executive committee and am looking forward to working with the organization as well as its members. After living and working in the US for more than a decade, I am now part of IDT GmbH in Germany, where I wear many hats. My main responsibility, however, is marketing and public relations. Over the years I have accumulated a variety of degrees but recently decided that there was room for one more. So after hours I am now working on a master’s degree in business psychology. My research interest focuses on the role of the top management team in regard to a company’s ability to be innovative.

David Edwin-Scott remains as Technical Director for the Packings Division plus Elastomeric & Polymeric Seals, as does Derek Davidson for the Flange Gasket Division and Wolfgang Schopplein for Mechanical Seals. David Mitchell remains as the ESA Standards and Legislation Director.

ESA Divisions

Flange Gasket Division

Sandy van den Broeck, Donit is the new Chairman and the new vice chairman is Christoph Klinger-Lohr, Klinger.

Packings Division

Hans Dekker, Chesterton remains chairman and Ralf Vogel, Burgmann Packings as Vice chairman remain in their current positions. Hans is due to step down in October and Ralph will take over then. New nominations for the Vice are requested.

Expansion Joints

Mikael Edvardsen, LBH is the chairman and Stefan Puchtler, Frenzelit as vice chairmen remain in their positions.

Mechanical Seals

Thomas Boehm, Eagle Burgmann steps down after two years as chairman and Stephen Bullen from Chesterton moves from Vice Chairman to Chairman. Ronald van Noesel, Flowserve became Vice Chairman.

Elastomeric Seals

John Kerwin, PPE continues to be Chairman of the vision.

Here are just a few of the new people and faces for 2016, we will present others in the future.

Steven Bullen, ESA Mechanical Seals Division Steven Bullen, Chairman of the Mechanical Seals Division
I am the Rotating Equipment Segment Manager at A.W. Chesterton Company working within the EMEA organization. Based in the UK I have spent more than 18 years working in the sealing industry for both manufacturers and distributors in Design, Testing, Production Engineering, Sales & Marketing. In my spare time I enjoy riding motorcycles with my wife and training our son to ride motocross.
 Ronald van Noesel, ESA Mechanical Seals Division Ronald van Noesel, Vice-Chairman of the Mechanical Seals Division
I'm 51 years old and living in the countryside of Breda. Since 2012 employed by Flowserve Roosendaal in the role of Engineering Manager Mechanical Seals and Auxiliary Systems responsible for the EMA region. With the technique in my veins I experience the most satisfaction in a joint combination of technical and organizational challenges. The time left I spent on breeding horses, cross country but also sailing and snowboarding.
Dr. Christoph Klinger-Lohr, Flange gaskets Division Vice Chairman
Born in 1979, I grew up in Zurich and later in Innsbruck, where I studied International Business. Completing my PhD in 2006, I left Europe to join CELANESE, a Dallas-based producer of base chemicals and polymers. At that time, the Chinese economy was still in full bloom so I gladly accepted the offer to relocate to Shanghai and support the local team as product manager for performance polymers.
Following a management change within the KLINGER Group, I returned to Austria in 2012 and have since managed business development projects and most recently KLINGER Dichtungstechnik.
Proud father of a young boy, I’m currently trying to spend more time with the family and support smaller circular economy projects (material recycling & smart services).

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