Thursday 13th April 2017

Best Available Technique (BAT) needs to be rewritten

Since IED 2010 became an active Directive, the ESA BAT document (written in 2009) needs to be rewritten to reflect the new directive, if Sealing Technology is to gain any credence within BREFs. An updated “route map” has been issued to the divisions to assist with their review of their sections. The Executive summary and the General Introduction sections have been issued for final agreement.

It is vital that the Sealing Technologies BAT is up to date to allow ESA to recommend its use in the various BREFs that are being created and reviewed.  Divisions are asked for some urgent action on the review of their section of the BAT.

Mark Neal is now a member of EC Article 13 working group on BREFs and BATs.

The current focus is on Waste Gas Treatment in Chemicals sector (WGC BREF), and the first feedback session via BATIS system has just been completed, with ESA contributing. There is to be a request for volunteers to help act as a Working Group (WG) to tackle the work required to finish the ESA BAT document. Anyone participating in this WG will also receive a benefit of €500 towards their membership fees in 2018. It is likely that each Divisional Chairman will be contacting you shortly to ask for your assistance with this project.

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