Monday 21st November 2016

Careers Development, Nov. 2016

The new area for Careers in our industry is live on the website and is shortly set to take a major step forward. The aim is to retain existing skills and experience within our industry and attract new talented individuals from Universities or other businesses who will add to the knowledge base and future of the Sealing Industry. 

The new developments of the site will include online forms for individuals to post CV’s and for ESA Member companies to post new positions. Both forms will automatically populate tables which will allow a user to interrogate information previously posted. It is intended to go live in November and we will be contacting a number of member companies to trial the process before rolling it out fully. If you would like your HR or personnel department to be contacted could you send their details to I would also like to know which of our member companies have Graduate Training Programmes. I have populated the Careers page with a sample of the ESA member companies that I know have Training Programmes but if you would like your organisation’s scheme to be recognised here then please send the detail to the e mail address above.

In a similar way, we will be contacting graduate recruitment organisations looking to encourage individuals to post their CV’s.  Any information posted whether it be a CV or new job vacancy will have an auto delete after two months and there is admin control over the information held there.

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Careers Development, Nov. 2016


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