Thursday 19th October 2017

Environmental Goods Act (EGA) and HS Codes update

Environmental Goods Act (EGA)

The agreement reached in Paris in 2016 was paused because China had objected to some of the goods added to the EGA. There is now a further delay due to the Trump led administration in USA withdrawing from the agreement.

The administration has appointed Robert Lighthizer as the new head of USTR, and the FSA are continuing to try to determine US policy. It is still unclear if the US position will change, and therefore the EGA would appear to be in limbo still.

HS Codes

ESA and FSA has agreed the list of HS codes to be used in conjunction with the EGA. Some members with local approvals for differing codes continue to use these. This is accepted as a short term expediency and members are reminded that this will be an issue if the EGA is resurrected.

David Mitchell, Standard and Legislation Director

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Environmental Goods Act (EGA) and HS Codes update


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