Friday 18th September 2015

Meet chairmen of each ESA Division

Meet some of the chairmen leading each division for 2015/16. We asked them to introduce themselves with a few words and let us know a bit more about their careers and hobbies. Check also latest listing of the people running each division from our July newsletter.


Hans Dekker, Chairman of the Packings Division
I am the Application Engineer at the A.W. Chesterton Company. I work for the EMEA organization of Chesterton and am based in Spain. In my free time I enjoy mountain biking, swimming, enjoying the local tapas selection and spending time with my family.
Mikael Edvardsen, Chairman of the Expansion Joints Division
I have worked for LBH International since 2000. I am responsible for design and construction of fabric expansion joints. We joined ESA in 2012 and I enjoy meeting with colleagues from the same business. It’s a pleasure to get other inputs from people who "speak the same language". I live in the middle of Denmark on the island Funen. Here, I enjoy the nature and the sea with my wife and two daughters. The sea is never far away wherever you are in Denmark.
Stefan Piringer, Chairman of the Flange Gasket Division
I’m working for KLINGER Dichtungstechnik in Austria located in the south of Vienna. I’m in charge of product development for the KLINGER sealing division and additionally I’m the head of material testing department. During the last 16 years in the sealing business I’ve got involved in a few standardization committees like CEN, DIN, DVGW, ÖN. Education wise I completed a master in polymer technologies and another in industrial engineering and management. To balance busy workdays I enjoy running and playing guitar.
Rainer Zeuss, Chairman of the Standardisation Task Force of the Flange Gasket Division
I am the technical manager for expanded graphite products within SGL Group, handling the technical issues and also having some sales responsibility. This part of my life is to improve tightness with SIGRAFLEX flexible graphite in the sealing industry, but also to finance the other part, which is my wife, my two daughters, and myself of course.
Thomas Böhm, Chairman of the Mechanical Seals Division
I’m the Head of Standardization in the Division Mechanical Seals at the EagleBurgmann headquarters in Wolfratshausen, Germany. I joined EagleBurgmann in 1998 where I’ve also worked several years in design and sales. I have a University degree in Mechanical Engineering of the University of Applied Science in Koblenz. My hobbies are reading, collecting stamps, chess and playing guitar. I live in a small village close to Munich together with my family.

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