Thursday 13th April 2017

ESA and the Industrial Emissions Directive - New Working Group

IED 2010/75/EU is a relatively new directive (2010) aimed at reducing emissions to atmosphere from industrial sites. In all the IED has subdivided Industry into approx. 35 different types of industrial processes. The intention with the IED is to provide guidance and recommendations to authorities and plant operators on the best way to manage emissions from those sites.

In short, each guidance note is called a BREF which is a series of BAT’s (Best Available Techniques) REFerence documents. Sealing devices is to be one of those BAT documents which will over time be incorporated into each of the BREF’s. There can be up to 150 BAT documents in any one BREF from many different associations, hence the timetable is lengthy.

For the ESA to be recognised and accepted as an authority on sealing devices we need to ensure that our current BAT document is brought up to date. We require one volunteer from each division to coordinate the process of updating the document and attend the Technical Working Group (TWG) ESA meetings. Whilst there is some work initially in bringing the document together for these individuals, once we have the documentation we hope to feed it into each BREF within the EU with minimal changes. Recognising the time involved we are to introduce a fourth discount category for membership fees.

If you agree to be that volunteer then your organisation will benefit from reduced fees in 2018. Currently there are three discount categories for participating, recognising those companies that contribute most to the activities of the ESA. These are: writing an article for a trade magazine, attending one meeting (non AGM) and holding a position within one of the divisions or Exec Committee. The fourth new category will be participation in the European Affairs WG.

The benefit for each category is €500.

If you would like more information on this then please either contact Mark Neal, Secretary General, ESA ( or David Mitchell, Standards & Legislation Director, ESA (

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ESA and the Industrial Emissions Directive - New Working Group


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