Tuesday 22nd November 2016

ESA is very active in the Revision of Drinking Water Directive

As previously reported ESA has aligned itself with the newly named European Drinking Water (EDW) group, who were formerly known as ICPCDW. Mark Neal attended the 1st July meeting and on 4th November in Brussels.

EDW is very active in the TC 164 working group (the technical group determining materials and testing procedures). The current focus is on Plastic materials and equipment that come into contact with drinking water.

The UBA (German Federal Environmental Agency) has issued an English version of German legal requirements on materials in contact with water. Mark has circulated members and is asking for feedback, and Sandy van den Brook has found out more, and reported separately.

In the meantime ESA has now been formally accepted as a Liaison Member of TC 164 in its own right.

The European Commission will release a legislative proposal on the Revision of the Drinking Water Directive (incl. possible changes to art. 10 of the DWD on materials and articles in contact with drinking water) by the end of 2017 (Q4 2017), as part of the implementation of the Circular Economy Action Plan.

It is anticipated that before the last quarter of 2017, the European Commission will:

  • Draft a roadmap/inception impact assessment presenting different options to revise the DWD (Q1/Q2 2017 tbc)
  • Release the final proposal, including the impact assessment (Q4 2017)

This is positive news: if the Commission is ready to revise the DWD, that means that also art. 10 on materials and articles in contact with drinking water is open for change. We will need to discuss during our next meeting what are the implications of this information for next advocacy actions.

For more information visit: http://ec.europa.eu/environment/water/water-drink/index_en.html

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ESA is very active in the Revision of Drinking Water Directive


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