Friday 18th September 2015

First International Standard for the ESA

The ESA Packings Division is proud and delighted to announce that their ‘Specification for a Test Procedure for Packings for Rotary Applications’, developed jointly with the FSA, has been officially adopted by CEN and published. The standard has been designated EN 16752 and retitled ‘Centrifugal Pumps – Test Procedure for Seal Packings’, and is the first specification developed by the ESA to be formally recognized as an International Standard – a significant achievement for the Association.

Previously there was no recognized industry standard and therefore there was no way to compare packing performance. Manufacturer claims and personal experience were the only information available to select the correct product for an application. It was for this reason that the European Sealing Association in conjunction with the Fluid Sealing Association in the USA carried out a 6 year program of development and validation testing culminating in the publication of the specification.

At each stage of development members subjected the same product from a single source to the agreed test regime with all the raw data being sent to French research organization CETIM for independent expert analysis and assessment. CETIM also carried out a series of control tests. Once the results were analyzed, the test methodology and criteria were refined and the same product subjected to another round of testing. This process was repeated until the testing results showed a very high degree of repeatability across a range of products of differing constructions and performance levels.

CETIM Test Rig

The specification was then put forward to CEN Technical Committee 197 for ratification as a CEN standard and with the assistance of national experts from ESA member companies in several countries, the CEN working group made minor modifications before submitting the standard to the formal voting procedure. This was completed earlier this year and the standard ratified without any objections from member countries.

This ‘first’ for the ESA is a perfect example of what can be done by members working together in a non-competitive manner to achieve something which could not be achieved by a single company working alone.

David Edwin Scott

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First International Standard for the ESA


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