Friday 28th July 2017

Flange Gasket Division Update

Members of the Flange Gasket Division discussed several projects at the Divisional meeting at the ESA AGM in Barcelona in May.

Friction Factor Project

Current status:

  • Typical values will be published in generic groups.
  • Graphite + corrugated gaskets µ=0,22
  • Compressed Fiber Gasket  µ=0,3
  • Based on results, it was decided to further perform tests on Kammprofile gaskets, SWG (graphite +PTFE), ePTFE and modified PTFE.

Next steps:

  • The goal is to develop generic groups of gasket materials. Testing parameters will be defined, which will be significant to have an influence on the final results.

FSA/ESA Gasket Handbook

Final Gasket Handbook is now published on the ESA and FSA website.

FSA Test procedure for SWG

This specification details a test method for measuring emissions from flanges sealed with spiral wound gaskets. The FSA is looking for people interested in trying out the SWG test in a round robin test with methane sniffers. The Documents are in circulation for review and the next meeting is scheduled for August 29th.

IED 2010/75/EU BAT document

Current Industrial Emissions Directive 2010/75/EU (IED) has replaced the IPPC Directive. The purpose is to bring our BAT document up to speed and align it with the current IED.

Next steps:

  • Review BREF’s and identify relevant ones.
  • ESA meeting, as EU Government Affairs working group in October in Brussels.
  • Idea is to present status and discuss on how to leverage and distribute the document once it is ready.

Technical Articles for the Valve World magazine

Two new members have volunteered to write an article for the Valve World magazine.

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