Monday 20th April 2015

FSA update

As spring has finally sprung and all good things are once again turning green, new life and energy is also born into the FSA. At the writing of this update, the FSA is holding their Spring Meeting in Houston, TX which functions as a joint technical and general meeting for all divisions and committees. Divisions have renewed interest in many activities and objectives and are showing tremendous signs of creating exceptional value for their members. Committees also have renewed interest and enthusiasm as the FSA’s recent and continuing membership drive is generating interest around North America. Key FSA representatives are engaged with several potential new members and re-interested past members in order to showcase the tremendous current and future value-add that the FSA is bringing to the table. The FSA Membership and Marketing Committees are actively spreading the word which is clearly being heard.

The modern FSA is nothing like you may have seen or heard of in the past. Yes, the FSA is continuing its past focus with standards and best practice development as this has been demonstrated by members and the end user community as content that drives consistent value. What’s new and as many are also aware, the FSA is greatly active in advocacy and influencing activities with recent positive movement in methane emissions regulatory efforts and environmental goods sealing device classification with the WTO. In early April 2015, Chris Swonger and Henri Azibert of the FSA, made a presentation in Geneva to the WTO in order to promote the benefits of categorizing sealing devices as environmental goods. Additionally in April FSA’s President, Mike Shorts, made a similar presentation to Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Development Advisory Committee in an effort to have Canada’s backing of this policy to the WTO. As a whole, the FSA is actively promoting itself on many levels in order to increase its recognition and credibility in the marketplace. To a large extent, many of these new activities are ones that individual member companies would have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on annually in order to achieve the same influence. Acting as a unified industry group brings tremendous significance and status to the importance that sealing devices play in daily industrial activities and public life.

A concluding thought, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – Buckminster Fuller.

Mike Shorts
FSA President & General Manager

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FSA update


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