Monday 15th February 2016

Message from Mike Shorts, FSA President

As I am sure that most reading this will have some familiarity with the state of global industrial activity, there is no need to go into the impacts it seems to be having on many of us in the sealing device manufacturing sector. In North America, facility expansions and major maintenance projects are slowing but activities such as maintenance and day-to-day business opportunities remain somewhat steady. Though many of our business constraints are tightening, FSA members are standing united in their support of the Association and the benefits to which current activities are bringing their individual companies. FSA members are proud of the work that is being accomplished in various departments within the Association and are seeing the value that all of the hard work over the past several years is precipitating.

The FSA continues on a focused path towards being the leading trade association in the Americas that is recognized and accepted as a subject matter expert and technical leader that advocates and influences environmental compliance to create and raise standards in technology, safety, quality, and best practices for sealing and containment devices. Our relationships with third party groups and media partners are becoming stronger and steadily growing. The FSA’s voice is becoming more recognized within the sealing community as we continue to participate in the WTO environmental goods negotiations in conjunction with the ESA and CSA (China Sealing Association) as well as working with technical director, Henri Azibert, to provide FSA comments to the EPA rulemaking on methane emissions.

The FSA is focused on these activities given the market impact both of these efforts will have on the fluid sealing industry and is repositioning itself to become an aggressive advocate for sealing device technology with public policy makers. This year, a newly formalized Public Relations program has been establish, headed by Charli Matthews, which is designed to help provide a more structured channel for the voice and activities of the organization and help better craft our message in order to capture our target audience and increase recognition and credibility for the Association.

Membership and membership contribution continues to be an important part of the value of the Association. Participation continues to grow as does new members joining the FSA. I would encourage those reading this to consider membership and reach out to your peers and share with them the benefits that FSA membership brings to your global business development.

Now is one of the most exciting times to be a member of the FSA and having your voice as part of the sealing industry’s collective voice is a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal for 2016 and beyond. There is strength in numbers and the FSA is growing stronger every day. There are new membership packages available for any interested party so please contact our Membership Committee for information. I would like to invite any ESA member to join us for our next FSA meeting in Atlanta, Georgia from April 19-21 or for our Fall General Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee from October 18-20. It would be a pleasure to see you there and for you to experience the benefits of extending your sealing industry membership depth to the markets in the Americas.

In closing, I wish you well and prosperity in 2016 and I look forward to meeting you at our next Fluid Sealing Association event.

Mike Shorts
FSA President

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Message from Mike Shorts, FSA President


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