Thursday 9th July 2015

FSA Update

Message from Mike Shorts, FSA Vice president & General Manager

After a successful Spring Meeting in Houston, TX the FSA is continuing its focused path towards being the leading trade association in the Americas that is recognized and accepted as a subject matter expert and technical leader that advocates and influences environmental compliance to create and raise standards in technology, safety, quality, and best practices for sealing devices. We are enhancing our cooperation with the Hydraulic Institute and beginning to establish a working relationship with the Valve Manufacturers Association. We are also exploring strategic partners to work with the Expansion Joints Divisions.  With several education and training platform updates by all Divisions, content is being renewed and updated to ensure industry will receive the most up-to-date best practice information possible.

The FSA would like to recognize our newest member Fiber-Line LLC. Based in Hatfield, PA they will become a great contributor to the Compression Packing Division with their experience in fiber technology.

The FSA is pleased to announce that the FSA Award of Merit was recently bestowed upon Charli Matthews, Founder and President of Empowering Pumps, LLC, in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The Award of Merit was established to recognize distinguished or exceptional service to the FSA by an individual member.  The award is granted solely on merit and participation in all activities that support the FSA mission. Congratulations to Charli on her accomplishments!

I had the opportunity to attend the recent ESA General Meeting in Italy for the first time. With warm welcomes from everyone, it was nice to meet new people and continue on the long-standing relationship between the organizations. There is a great sense of belonging and teamwork within the ESA which is very nice to see. I would encourage any ESA member who has activities in the Americas to consider a membership in the FSA (if you are not already) as there have been many changes and enhancements over the past 3 years which will add tremendous value to your business activity and development. As new initiatives are developed and rolled out, you’ll want to be a part of the development and deployment framework in order to make sure that your overall position is well represented. The environmental arena is a hot US topic and one that the FSA is already being recognized as a leader in and a key source of information on sealing devices. With activity happening every day, being in the FSA right now is your best chance to ensure that regulators and policy makers are aware of your products and technologies before policies are set.  I look forward to seeing everyone again next year and hopefully at future FSA meetings also.

Mike Shorts
FSA Vice President & General Manager

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FSA Update


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