Thursday 5th May 2016

Message from Mike Shorts, FSA President

The Fluid Sealing Association recently had their Spring Meeting in Atlanta, GA where the focus was on the technical activities within the Association. I am happy to report that the FSA is extremely active on various technical and educational agendas and that all Divisions have some significant projects on the go to continue to drive the mission of the FSA to be the leading subject matter experts on fluid sealing and containment devices.

The Expansion Joint, Gaskets, and Compression Packing Divisions are all actively working through major updates to their handbooks and the Mechanical Seal Division continues to work towards taking a handbook to a new level with the development of a product knowledgebase, which will provide users with faster access to digital-based information. There has recently been some new webinar activity, which is being led by Ron Frisard (AW Chesterton and FSA Education & Training Chair) whereby the FSA is creating new and original training content for live and on-demand delivery. So far, the reception of these webinars has been very good and several more webinars are scheduled for the remainder of the year. All technical aspects of the FSA are firing on all cylinders within all Divisions and now is one of the most exciting times in many years to be part of the development of these technical and training initiatives.

The FSA continues to focus on its strategic initiative to advocate and influence the fluid sealing and regulatory communities to raise standards in technology, safety, quality, and best practices for sealing and containment devices. Under the leadership of Chris Swonger (Smiths Group / John Crane and Government Affairs Committee Chair), the activity within the Government Affairs Committee is gaining significant momentum. In combination with the FSA Public Relations Director, Charli Matthews (Empowering Pumps and FSA Marketing Committee Vice Chair), and the FSA Marketing Committee’s  newly enhanced and developed campaign champion Ian Baynes (AW Chesterton and FSA Marketing Committee Chair), the delivery and recognition of FSA messages and advocacy work is truly placing the Association on the map as the “go to” source for everything regarding fluid sealing and containment devices. All of this work in continuously supported by the FSA Technical Director, Henri Azibert, who is able to provide a depth of knowledge about FSA Member’s products that is second to none in the industry. It is amazing that the FSA has such a deep and talented pool of people who are willing to collectively work towards the greater good of everything in the industrial spaces that we serve as Members.

At the recent Spring Meeting the Board of Directors agreed to host a member-only FSA CEO Environmental & Regulatory Roundtable Event in Washington, DC in mid-July 2016. This event will attract Member company CEO’s and high-level Divisional Leaders to meet on Capitol Hill where several keynote speakers from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Environmental Defence Fund (EDF), and the Department Of Energy (DOE) will be addressing the key environmental and regulatory topics affecting the modern industrial world. It is intended that this event will be well attended and may return in spring/summer 2017. Being a Member of the FSA can get you a seat at the table with some of the most influential people in North America who are now identifying that they need the input from sealing and containment device manufacturers in order to set the most functional policies and regulations as possible.

Continued collaboration with strategic organizations such as the ESA is continuing to show benefits for all members. Additional organizations are being identified under the leadership of Mike Shorts (Triangle Fluid Controls and FSA President) in order to ensure that the FSA is actively working with the best groups who are in need of information on FSA Member companies products and technology. Additionally, this new initiative is also looking at what these other organizations can provide the FSA in order to allow FSA Members to be on the front-end of what is required in the fluid sealing and containment device space. Two-way collaboration is a key component towards a larger collective voice and enhanced value-add for FSA Members.

Mike Shorts and Henri Azibert will be representing the FSA in May at the ESA’s Annual Meeting in Dusseldorf, Germany and will be providing further updates to ESA members on FSA and FSA-ESA joint activities. We look forward to seeing ESA Members there in a few short weeks.

Wishing everyone all the best is 2016 and beyond.

Mike Shorts
FSA President

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Message from Mike Shorts, FSA President


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