Tuesday 22nd November 2016

Message from Phil Mahoney, new FSA President

At the close of the FSA’s October meeting in Nashville, Tennessee, Mike Shorts completed his term as President for the FSA, and I began my 2 year term.  I whole heartedly agree with Mike’s last note to the ESA.  The FSA has made positive impacts in a number of areas over the past two years, and I believe that we will continue with the on-going collaboration with our Board of Directors, Executive Committee, FSA members and management staff.  Early in Mike’s tenure, we established a 5 year strategic plan which has guided and focused our activities.  2017 will bring some uncertainty given the change in political leadership here in the US, and that will likely mean some tactical changes are needed to achieve our goals.  At our October meeting, the Strategic Planning committee was re-activated to take stock in our progress according to the plan and revise it as needed to make sure our direction stays focused and relevant.

Government affairs and education continue to be a key focus.  On the government affairs front, the FSA has just drafted and submitted a formal response to the US EPA outlining available technologies that can be applied to existing emissions sources in the oil and gas sector.  This request for information was driven by the announcement earlier this year by Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau and President Obama that both nations would work to develop regulations focusing on existing methane emissions sources.  This is a continuation of the FSA Government Affairs Committee’s activity providing information to the EPA when it formulated the rules for new and modified sources which came out earlier this year.  This latest activity could have a much more significant impact on methane emissions given that it would expand the regulations to cover a much wider range of sites.  There was a significant amount of input from a number of the committee members, with our Technical Director, Henri Azibert, collecting and preparing the document for submittal.

On the training front, Ron Frisard who is our chair on the Education sub-committee, has been very active in setting up a number of webinars and collaborating with various presenters.  The next webinar will be ‘How to Select the Correct Gasket’ on the 9th December.  Following up on our successful on-site training session at the Fugitive Emissions Summit in Houston over the summer, the FSA has a prepared a training session which is being offered at the upcoming Power Gen trade show December 13-15 in Orlando.  This is our most ambitious training program yet with 4 FSA led courses being presented on-site to paying customers.  The key here is that CEU (continuing education unit) credits will be offered to the trainees which are essential for various professionals that need them to maintain their licenses or certifications (i.e. as a Professional Engineer).  There is a real need in our industry to provide training like this.  As our ageing workforce retires, the knowledge that they take with them has to be transmitted to the next generation, and training is a key tool needed to do that.  

As an FSA member for 13 or so years now, I have been impressed by the collaboration between the ESA and the FSA.  Our joint effort working with the WTO to classify sealing devices as environmental goods has been an outstanding sustained effort.  Presentations prepared and conducted by David Edwin Scott and Henri Azibert at the annual Pump Summit meetings (both in Europe and the US) have been well received.  Our joint packing test programs have yielded results that benefit our industry and would likely not have been accomplished with the resources and expertise of only one company.  Activities like these make the presence of our industry stronger, and it gives each of us and our collective customers a much better understanding of our industry globally.  I look forward to our continued collaboration over the next 2 years.

Phil Mahoney
Manager of Research & Development- Stationary Equipment, new FSA President

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Message from Phil Mahoney, new FSA President


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