Friday 16th September 2016

Message from Mike Shorts, FSA President

There has been many things going on for me as FSA President since the last update, most of which are things happening in the background as I begin to wrap up my 2-year term coming due this October. As I reflect back on my term as FSA President, I am extremely happy to see how much positive change and forward movement the Association has made in the past 2 years and to be frank, I am not surprised. The current management staff, executive team, and Board of the FSA are a top-notch group with strong leadership skills, business knowledge, and desire to make the FSA the fluid sealing industry’s best trade association in the Americas. With such a group in place and with the next President coming on board, the FSA is poised to achieve their goals.

2016 has been a tough year for many of us in the fluid sealing industry as major projects in the oil and gas sector have been postponed or cancelled. There are varying opinions on the magnitude and speed at which oil will recover, but the facts remain that the Americas will be reliant on fossil fuels for many more years to come. All industries rely on our technology and installation best practices to reduce their emissions and leaks and therefore we have a duty to serve. To that end, as manufacturers of key components to the reduction of greenhouse gasses and the containment of fugitive emissions and process fluid leaks, it is our responsibility to ensure that we strengthen our association in order to help the process industries as a whole, and not just the oil and gas sector.

Our Committees continue to be very active in the work they are doing. The Government Affairs Committee continues to bring new opportunities to participate in many areas of regulatory and legislative activities. Continued work in the Environmental Good arena is drawing to a close as we wait for what hopefully becomes a final positive decision for our member companies later this Fall. The Technical Coordinating Committee continues to guide and direct all the technical activities in the Association which continue to grow in scale and scope. The Gasket, Compression Packing, and Expansion Joint Divisions are all diligently revising their handbooks so stay tuned for some big updates there. The Mechanical Seals Division continues to add content to their Knowledge Base initiative which will eventually become a platform that all Divisional technical information will adopt. The Education Committee is very active at developing and leading FSA-run webinars with several already created and available on demand and several more in the works for regular communication to industry. Thanks to all members who have contributed at all levels to these very important activities that provide the member value-add for the Association.

In closing, I would like to thank everyone within the FSA who has supported me, my ideas, and change over the past 2 years – without your support, the great things we are doing today and set to do tomorrow, wouldn’t be possible. I would also like to thank my new friends at the ESA who I have come to know better over the past 2 years of attending your meetings. The ESA is a great organization and with more collaborative participation and cross-membership growth, our organizations can continue to lead the fluid sealing industry in so many important technological and safety-related ways. As I transition into a Past-President’s role within the FSA, I will still be an active member in the Association and will support those leaders who are actively supporting and directing positive change within the Association. I live my work life by several motto’s but one is perhaps the most influential of all: Things can be good and things can be working perfectly, but that is today – things can always be better because you don’t know what tomorrow brings.

Mike Shorts, FSA President

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Message from Mike Shorts, FSA President


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