Thursday 5th November 2015

ESA Strategy and Direction, have your say?

Whilst not an organization that has to deliver in terms of financial return we do have to ensure that the ESA continues to deliver in other ways. It is important to know that we are on the right track and delivering what our members want. This helps determine our strategy and allows us to correct our direction. The ESA has traditionally developed its strategy with the help of our members and now we are seeking your views as to what matters. We are also circulating the same questionnaire to companies and organizations who are not members of the ESA but whom we have day to day dealings with. This will help gather information on an external perspective of the ESA.

Bellow you will find a link to a questionnaire, which will take just a few minutes to answer. There is also the opportunity to write in a comments box any suggestions, good or bad but please feel free to comment on anything, which you feel is important. I realize that we are all bombarded with questionnaires but it does make all the difference. Each question is graded on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being highly desirable, 1 the least. Just click the box which you feel is more appropriate. The questionnaire will also be held on our web site in the Members area.

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