Thursday 5th February 2015

Latest Market Statistics available

Did you know that there are market statistics available for your particular industry sector? As a member you will periodically be asked to complete in some cases a simple questionnaire, in others the survey can be more complicated but the results are more comprehensive. The results provide currency values by country or region and enable participants to see market developments and trends. Participation is voluntary, although we encourage members to take part. All submissions are handled externally of the ESA, treated confidentially and the distributed results cannot identify individual members. The more members that contribute the greater the benefit to all. Results are only distributed to members who have participated.

Market surveys are done periodically:

  • Mechanical Seals: quarterly
  • ESA & FSA Global Mechanical Seals: half-yearly
  • Flange gaskets: annually
  • Packings: annually

We would also like to remind companies in the Flange Gasket and Packings divisions that the due date for submission of our latest survey is Friday, February 27th.

Following results are available to participating companies:

  • ESA + FSA MSD – H1 2013, H2 2013, H1 2014
  • Flange Gaskets – 2011 – 2013
  • Mechanical Seals – Q1 2013, Q2 2013, Q3 2013, Q4 2013, Q1 2014, Q2 2014, Q3 2014
  • Packings – 2011 - 2013

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Latest Market Statistics available


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