Thursday 9th July 2015

Gaining access to decision makers with LinkedIn

You are already comfortable using LinkedIn, connecting with partners and colleagues, finding and sharing interesting content. You’ve heard LinkedIn was the most effective form of social networking shown for sales, but how do you start? Here are a few quick tips to gain access to decision makers:

  • Find prospects with LinkedIn Search. LinkedIn has a great search functionality. Search personal profiles by using People Search. Use it to find relevant professional profiles in specific target companies or within whole industries or markets. You can start wide and fine-tune your search to get to the right people by choosing how you are connected with them (1st, 2nd, 3rd level, shared groups), companies they work or have worked for, industries, geographical location, school, language preference. You can search by those criteria in basic accounts, but even more are available in Premium accounts.

  • Save your best searches. You don’t need to execute the same searches each time. If you find one search particularly useful, you can save it. For saved searches, LinkedIn will send you email once a week if any new profiles fit that search criteria. As a free subscriber, you can save up to 3 searches, more for Premium account.
  • Connect with prospects. For your 2nd level connections there is an option to “Get Introduced” (by your 1st level connections). You can start with connections you can reach and can lead you closer to the prospects (employees in your target company but not really your prospects). Cultivate relationships to gain access to key decision makers. Grow your network little by little, it’s a long-term activity not a sprint.

  • Start building relationships with new connections. Use LinkedIn mailing feature InMail for personal communication. Don’t immediately start your sales pitch with new connections, first introduce yourself, find mutual points of interest, be interesting and up to the point. InMail messages can be send to you 1st level connections without limitations, but for InMail-ing other connections you need a paid subscription. The number of InMails you can send depends on the subscription package.

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