Wednesday 4th May 2016

How to create a LinkedIn Company Page?

So far, we focused on using LinkedIn professional social network through personal LinkedIn profiles. Today we’d like to show you how to create a LinkedIn profile for your company. It will help you build brand awareness by sharing interesting and useful updates, promote products and services to customers and prospects and recruiting talents. As the leading social networking site for professionals, LinkedIn is a necessary communication channel for B2B companies.

  1. Set up a new LinkedIn Company Page. You need a personal LinkedIn profile and a company email to create a new Company Page. Select "Companies" in drop-down menu under "Interests" tab of your personal LinkedIn Page. You’ll see newsfeed of recent updates from the companies you follow and Create a Company Page box in the right column.

    Click on the button "Create" and fill in the company name and your email address (should be hosted on the domain of the company).

    If the work email address you provide is an unconfirmed email address on your LinkedIn account, LinkedIn will send you a confirmation email to this address. Go to your Inbox and follow the instructions in the confirmation email.

  2. Complete a company profile. Choose a company type, size, industry, operating status, and fill in the URL of your company’s website, year founded and location (or more if you need). Write a compelling company description (250-2000 characters, including spaces). Be concise and focus on what makes your company unique, mention you key products and services. Be sure to use keywords, relevant to your business, so users can find you through search.

    You can add you specialties in the Specialties section and featured LinkedIn Groups in the bottom. Don’t’ forget to connect your new LinkedIn Company Page to ESA LinkedIn Group, just make sure, you (with your personal LinkedIn profile) are already a member.

  3. Add visuals: logo, cover image. Image and logo are the first things users will see when they come to your LinkedIn Company Page. Use them! Choose a cover image that is visually appealing, and capture’s people’s attention. You can include a message in your cover image that describes what your company is about, just make it short.
  4. Add your colleagues as administrators. You can add other people from your company as administrator if you want them to help you administer your LinkedIn Company Page. You have to be connected with them on LinkedIn to do that.

  5. Create Showcase Pages for individual products/services. LinkedIn introduced Showcase Pages for company’s individual brands, business units, or initiatives. If you have a specific target group for a specific aspect of your business and would like to highlight it, you can create Showcase Page for it (but not necessary). LinkedIn Showcase Pages have their own followers and updates. They act like a separate LinkedIn Page, but are linked with a LinkedIn Company Page (you first need a Company Page to create Showcase Pages).

  6. Publish your LinkedIn Company Page. When you’re satisfied with your Company Page, make sure to click Publish button (in the upper right corner) to save all your changes and publish it.

After you’ve successfully created a new Company Page, it’s time you start using it. More tips on how to use your LinkedIn Company Page for building your brand and promoting your business in the next articles.

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