Wednesday 6th July 2016

Creating compelling LinkedIn Company Page updates

In the previous newsletter we talked about creating a Company Page on LinkedIn, so this time we’ll take a look at some tips on how to write engaging page updates. By publishing relevant content you’ll reach more LinkedIn users and generate traffic to your site. Moreover, if your followers engage with you on LinkedIn they’re 50% more likely to purchase from you, research shows.

As a LinkedIn company page you can like and share content as a company. You can also like and respond to comments made to something you post on your company page. Don’t limit yourself to posting only your content – share your customers’ and prospects’ content as well. What are some other ways you can increase engagement on your company page?

  • Add a follow button to your website A good way to increase the number of your LinkedIn followers is adding a Follow button on your website. Your developers can get a code from This button lets LinkedIn members follow your company with one click. 

    You can also have all your employees add a link to your company page in their e-mail signatures, or even a customized banner or button.
  • Post regularly One of the most important rules for all social media, actually for all content, is – post on a regular basis. This means creating and posting meaningful content to LinkedIn, and doing so several times a week. For LinkedIn this is around 2 or 3 updates per week. Don’t forget to curate as well - share good content by others that’s relevant to your industry and followers.

  • Make your content informative - but short Create quality content that’s easy to read and remember. Grab the readers’ attention with an interesting headline and start your updates with the most important information. Include a picture, chart, video or link to an article, ask questions and share unique statistics. These are all more likely to start a discussion than text updates only.

    Whatever your content – always keep in mind that your readers will check your updates on multiple, and probably mostly mobile, devices.
  • Use targeted posts When you create an update, you can share it with “all followers” or serve it only to a “targeted audience”. It goes without saying that content customized to a certain group of your followers engages them more. If you choose to share your update with a subgroup of your followers, you can target them based on company size, industry, function, seniority, geography, or even language.
  • Analyze and optimize Regular activity means nothing if you can’t see and analyze results. LinkedIn Analytics combined with Google Analytics will let you know which updates bring visitors to your website and how much time they spend there. Do they represent mostly new or mostly repeat visitors? Once you have enough information, act on it – optimize your updates, target different groups, adjust content.
    Keep track of engagement % as well (this is interactions, clicks and new followers combined). This metric tells you how many people engage with your update, out of all who’ve seen it.

    Another useful set of information is demographics. This tells you what kind of followers you have – from seniority to industry, company size and function. Use this information to tailor types of updates and their tone on your company page.

We hope these tips will help you engage your audience and bring more visitors to your website. We’ll be going through each of them more thoroughly in the next articles.

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