Monday 21st December 2015

Building thought leadership with posting on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional network that connects more than 400 million registered members around the world. By publishing useful and meaningful content for your peers in this network, you can give yourself a voice and become a though leader within a target group that matters most for your carrier and work.

As an individual LinkedIn member, you can:

  • Share an update: Update is a short post on LinkedIn (up to 600 characters). You can use it to share your thoughts, interesting articles you find, presentations you prepared. You can add an image, a PDF or a Word file to your update.
  • Upload a photo: Sharing a photo is similar to sharing a text update. You can upload a photo up to 100 MB and add a caption in the text box.
  • Publish a post: When 600 characters is not enough, you can use long-form posts. Those are represented in the Pulse section of LinkedIn.

How to share an update?

Click on “Share an update” option and type your thought in the text field.

  • Update with a link: Add a link if you want to refer to an interesting article you’ve found. LinkedIn will pull some content with this link: an image, a page title, URL and a lead (if the webpage is configured properly for LinkedIn share). You can edit this content, too, and fine-tune your update. Double click on the title or the lead and edit it, or change the image by clicking arrow signs bellow the image. You can also upload your image to be shown with a link.
  • Update with a file: You can also share an update with uploading a file (images, PDFs or Word files). You should know that your update could include either a file with text, or a link, not both in the same update. To add a file click on the uploading icon in the upper right corner of the text field and add a file.

If you want to give credit to one of your connections or mention them on the photo you can mention them in an update. You start typing their name with a sign @ (@name) and select them when you see them among suggestions.

You can also select with whom you would like to share your update. You can make it public so that all LinkedIn members can see it, to share with only with your connections or to share it on LinkedIn and Twitter if you’ve connected your LinkedIn account with your Twitter account.

How to publish a post?

Click on “Publish a post”, enter your post, edit it with styles and enrich it with images, videos, podcasts and other multimedia content. You can publish a post as long as you want, but keep in mind that posts up to 1000 words have best results. Long form posts, introduced within Pulse section, are a great way to build your thought leadership and we will cover more tips for publishing long-form posts in the future.

What type of content is appropriate for LinkedIn?

When you post think of LinkedIn audience. LinkedIn members visit LinkedIn for work related content, not your personal life and beliefs. Posts updates that are relevant to your job, industry, professional network, or clients. If it doesn't relate to those topics, you should not post on LinkedIn and rather use other social networks to post it.

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