Monday 2nd February 2015

Message from Mike Shorts, FSA Vice president & General Manager

Renewed energy is apparent in most aspects of the FSA and we’re quickly working our way through changing how outside companies, organizations, and people perceive us. As I hope all of our members are now aware, we have been putting in considerable efforts in order to get more participation by member company personnel and also in order to attract new and past members to the Association.

The Government Affairs Committee is absolutely rolling with meaningful and respected influencing and advocating activities. Recently, under the leadership of Chris Swonger, the committee had some influence towards the recent methane emissions position statement released by the Obama administration. With the combined efforts of Charli Matthews from Marketing, the FSA issued a public statement which was picked up by at least two independent organizations and media outlets. Very quickly we are being recognized as a key voice of sealing technology professionals and manufacturers which will directly impact your individual businesses should you wish to participate and take advantage of it. Great work by Chris and Charli to get this into the public domain and obtaining the acknowledgement and respect from policy makers and other policy influencers.

We are quickly working on existing and new relationships with other associations in order to boost our influence within industry on the basis that there is no other sealing device manufacturer association in North America that has the capabilities and longevity of the FSA. We have exciting opportunities to work with these other organizations such as HI and VMA to provide them with sealing device technology information that they otherwise aren’t able to obtain on a non-commercial basis. Also, with our advocacy and policy influencing activities, we offer opportunities to them that otherwise they don’t have.

This year is going to produce a lot of great things out of the FSA and I am quite excited about the possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead. We are an exceptionally strong group of sealing device manufacturing and support services professionals and to that end we have a strong voice. Ultimately the voice we want to have is that of our collective membership and we’re well on our way towards that goal. We should want to influence and advocate, educate, lead, and collaborate our way to becoming the lead trade association of sealing device subject matter experts. I am very proud to lead this Association through these times and I am extremely proud to have every member as part of the actively participating team.

I will be attending the ESA meeting in Italy in May for the first time and I look forward to meeting new people there and getting a better understanding of how the ESA works and how the FSA can have a stronger alliance with the ESA, working towards additional shared members and shared global opportunities. See you all soon.

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Message from Mike Shorts, FSA Vice president & General Manager


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