Monday 2nd November 2015

New ESA project: Potable Water Standard, time for change?

Following a discussion at the Executive Committee meeting in September at W.L. Gore & Associates, it was decided to look at the current potable water standards across the products within each division of the ESA.

The current Potable water testing procedures within Europe are not consistent across different laboratories and testing organizations. Costs are variable and the length of time the approval is valid for appear to be different depending upon which institution is granting the approval. There are also some unusual testing requirements, such as a taste test which is difficult to define, and leads to confusion.

The ESA, through it’s members is in a strong enough position to be able to gather together the current test procedures across the different product groups and start the process of clarifying what we believe is an appropriate test procedure. It is hoped that we can then walk this through to the EU with a view to creating a new International Standard. Obviously, the timescales are lengthy but under the leadership of David Mitchell, ESA Standards and Legislation Director, we are ideally placed to be able to produce and deliver such a standard. Potable water affects everyone and it seems unusual that there is no central harmonized test procedure. What do you think? 

What is the progress with European testing and approval of drinking water construction products? (pdf)

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New ESA project: Potable Water Standard, time for change?


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