Monday 21st September 2015

Three new projects announced within the ESA

At the recent ESA Executive Committee meeting several new projects have been outlined for introduction in 2015/16.

Potable Water Project
Currently the frequency of testing, cost and type of testing are very variable across different sealing devices and there are many grey areas in the testing such as taste which are not particularly measurable. The intention will be to develop our own standard with the aim of making a case for it being adopted at an International Standards level. The initial process will be to collect data from each division and summarize the current position. Then we will develop what the ESA believes should be the test program for the Industry for each of the relevant product divisions.

Surveys and Statistics Development
The ESA is going to look at changing the way it supplies and what it supplies. Currently the information provided and collected is from a sector of the industry and is not truly representative. Other than trends analysis it is not solid data for the product divisions and is only supplied to those members that participate. We feel that the ESA should be a source of information for all of its members and we would like your input on what would help you. Divisional Chairman will be coordinating the project initially and all ESA members will be asked for their input.   

Long Term ESA Strategy
What would you like from your ESA? At the moment we are completing a whole series of projects within the divisions and developing new projects within the ESA. However we would like to generate a longer term plan that steers the ESA into a solid position that delivers value back to its members. Much work has been done previously and nobody wishes to reinvent the wheel so we will build on what we have and enhance it. The process will start with identifying what members value the most. When complete this will also enable us to build a prospectus to entice new members, clearly stating what the value of being a member is.

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