Monday 20th April 2015

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Getting valves for the oil and gas and chemical markets certified according to emission standards seems to be a major challenge that valve manufacturers are facing currently. It is not only a costly affair but also a tough one that takes specific expertise which many producers are lacking.

First of all there is a variety of emission testing standards to choose from. The valve producer has to be very selective in choosing a certification that will be accepted by most end users or he can choose the even more costly route of certifying the valve according to multiple standards. Another major challenge is the fact that some end users specify very challenging testing requirements that are extremely hard to fulfill and might require a lot of costly trial and error R&D work.

For many years the industry has been seeking alignment between the certifications available. ISO 15848-1, VDI2440, API624 and various end users specifications exist in parallel and no clear direction is visible to any of them. Which is the one that seems to be winning in Europe?

Recent OEM activity shows that ISO 15848-1 seems to be the predominant general choice for European valve OEMs going forward. Hopefully this is a sign that we will see more alignment in end user requirements in the future that will help valve and valve seal manufacturers focus their development efforts more effectively.

Hans Dekker
Chesterton Group


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Packing Division News


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