Wednesday 4th January 2017

ESA Potable Water project update, January 2017

The ESA attended the latest meeting arranged by the European Drinking Water (EDW) formerly the ICPCDW, on 4th November. This group are very active with TG 164 committee and clearly the correct group for ESA to be involved with. The next meeting is scheduled for 22nd February in Brussels.

Meanwhile the ESA has now been formally accepted as a Liaison Member of TG 164 and can now officially attend meetings and vote.

The current focus has been on Elastomers and Plastics in the working group, but the European Council has been active in recognising that the current system of multiple testing is an “impediment to business”.  The EC has ruled that article 10 and M/136 documents are to be replaced, and expect some good progress in coming months.

The feeling is that many of the details for material testing and acceptance have been mostly agreed and final overall agreement is within touching distance. We will see.

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David Mitchell, Standard and Legislation Director

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ESA Potable Water project update, January 2017


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