Monday 15th February 2016

Update from Standards and Legislation Director

Standards and Legislation workgroup continues work on several projects, such as Environmental Goods Agreement (EGA), Potable Water European standards, BS 4371.

Work continues on a number of fronts, with some disappointing results so far.

  • Environmental Goods Agreement (EGA)
    As reported in December there was no final agreement at the Paris summit meeting, with China adopting a delaying tactic. The position remains that the signs are positive for the inclusion of some Sealing Materials in the EGA, BUT this has yet to be confirmed. This may happen at the Nairobi meeting, but is most likely to be delayed until the G20 meeting in China in September 2016.

    If and when the inclusion of Sealing Materials is confirmed we will advise members which HS codes have made it to the approved list.

  • Potable Water European standards.
    I have received very good feedback from a number of members on the various European tests for Potable Water that members use to allow the sale of their products on this service.

    This confirms that there is no accepted European standard, with the German DVGW asking for the KTW standard, France insisting on ACS standard and UK requiring WRAS approved testing.
    The testing in accordance with ISO 17025 seems to be the only consistent element in testing. However there remains the need to have products approved to the key National standards, which are valid for 5 years, before retesting is required.

    The two EU working groups (EG-CPDW, and DG- EAS) have been disbanded and there is no body working on standardising on one single test for the European market. Seems a lost opportunity.

  • BS 4371 update.
    Packings Division are creating a working group to modernise BS 4371, which covers materials used in braided packing, and still refers to Asbestos as a suitable material, and does not include better, modern materials. So far it has proved impossible to identify any one person who may be able to help us within the standards agency. We are still attempting to find the correct approach.

  • Working with other trade associations.
    Initial discussions have started with some other similar associations and we will report back to members when we have something substantial to share.

David Mitchell, Standards and Legislation Director for ESA

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Update from Standards and Legislation Director


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