Thursday 7th July 2016

Standards & Legislation projects update

ESA Potable water project update

At the ESA AGM in Essen, we discussed the action plan for the Potable Water project, following the meeting with Manfred Fuchs at DG Growth, in Brussels in March. We had identified specific actions to follow

  • ESA to follow up with contact with TG 164. We have contacted all the relevant people and Mark attended a TG 164 meeting on 31st May. ESA was accepted as a Liaison Association.
    A target of the end of 2017 for final technical agreements was agreed!
  • ESA to attend the Materials and Products in contact with Drinking Water seminar in Brussels 12th May. David Edwin-Scott attended this meeting, and recommended ESA should contact the European Industry Consortium for Products in Contact with Drinking Water (ICPCDW), with a view to joining this grouping. We have contacted Tony Frost who organises this group, and he has agreed that ESA should join their grouping, and Mark Neal is attending their next meeting on 1st July in Brussels.
  • ESA to attend the Deutsche Vereinigung des Gas und Wasserfaches (DVGW) organised IFAT conference on “Materials and Products in contact with drinking water” on 30th May. Wolfgang Schoepplein attended on behalf of ESA. The feedback is that the 4MS group are very advanced in their work on technical test procedures, and requiring samples to be taken from standard production runs to comply with their “Declaration of Conformity”.

New actions

  • Public consultation on “Mutual Recognition”. The Commission has launched a public consultation process on “Mutual Recognition” which potentially could allow products to circulate freely in the single market. It assumes if the product is legally marketed in one.

EGA update

Various Trade Minister and Delegate meetings in Geneva, Paris and Canada show that some progress is being made. There are still active questions on details of various HS codes for Sealing Products, but the general consensus is that the China delegation is trying to get a generic agreement in place to coincide with the September G20 meeting to be held in Hangzhou, China.

China Could Push Others into Environmental Goods Pact [pdf]

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Standards & Legislation projects update


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