Friday 16th September 2016

Standards and Legislation activities update

ESA Potable Water project update

ESA attended the latest meeting arranged by the newly named European Drinking Water (EDW) formerly the ICPCDW, on 1st July. This group are very active with TG 164 committee and clearly the correct group for ESA to be involved with. The next meeting is scheduled for 4th November in Brussels.
Whilst the discussions are all relevant to ESA members at present the focus is on Plastics used with Drinking Water, and our Elastomeric and Polymeric Division should be involved at the next meeting.

Meanwhile the ESA has now been formally accepted as a Liaison Member of TG 164 and can now officially attend meetings and vote.
ESA has officially responded to the public consultation process on the “Mutual Recognition” option to resolve the issue of multiple testing of products throughout Europe

Environmental Goods Act (EGA) progress

There was a further meeting of representatives in Geneva on 27th and 28th July to continue to work on the details of the EGA. At this meeting it was confirmed that Sealing Devices were on the “sensitive list” due to a general concern over “rubber related seals” and the fact that some seals are deemed “commodities”. This does not sound great but we will persist with efforts to get Sealing Devices included in the final agreement.
Further meetings to finalise the product lists are due at the end of September, October and November.

There was also a meeting of the G20 Trade Ministers in Shanghai in early July, where good progress was reported with a goal of having the EGA made an official document by the end of 2016.

ASME PCC-1/2/3 alignment with EN 1591/4

We have requested FSA help with clarifying if there is any chance of getting ASME PCC-1/2/3 aligned to EN 1591/4. No progress to report as yet.

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Standards and Legislation activities update


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