Monday 26th September 2016

Update from the Technical Director of Flange Gasket Division

The Flange Gasket Division has been working on a number of projects. Having voted to go ahead with year 2 of the Friction Factor project, we now await the October meeting to decide what test options we will go for to try to confirm material factors but possibly using different manufacturers from the first tests.

It was felt that his exercise would be better done 'round the table' together.

Work on revamping the BAT document is well under way. We declared at the AGM meeting that we would redo Chapter 5 with a target date of completion the Oct meeting, so we can combine it with the other chapters. With the help of some ESA colleagues I am now close to a first revision for them to proof read. When we are happy, it is intended to circulate to members in time for them to read, digest and comment if they want to , so we can be ready for agreement in Oct. Christoph Nussell and Alexander Riedl have been particularly helpful. A new section on Gasket Thickness will be included largely using Maja Rotar’s work for the Valve World article published in 2014.

Derek Davidson, Technical Director of Flange Gasket Division

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