Thursday 19th January 2017

VALVE WORLD EXPO Düsseldorf Dec 2016

Valve World Expo, the international trade fair and convention for industrial valves and fittings, is a biennial event that has been held in Düsseldorf since 2010. It showcases a sector of industry that warrants good potential growth in the future. Valves and fittings are used in a wide variety of different industries. They ensure safety in the oil and gas industry, channel liquids and gases in the chemical industry, regulate incoming and outgoing water and ensure a free flow of liquid in the water and related industries. 

December 2016 was the third time that the international trade fair and convention for industrial valves and fittings, VALVE WORLD EXPO, was held in Düsseldorf. To meet the rising demand among exhibitors, a further exhibition hall was added to the event. 665 companies from 40 countries occupied a total space of about 18,000 square metres. The ESA was represented by 13 Members and had for the first time it’s own stand in Hall 5. The reaction seemed to be very positive and we had 5 new potential member applications. You will see below just some of the many of the ESA exhibitors there. Andrew Douglas also presented the Low Temperature Test procedure being worked on by the Elastomeric and Polymeric Seals Division. David Edwin-Scott and Henri Azibert presented a paper on the FSA and ESA Packing Friction project at the parallel Pump Summit.

The latest technologies were presented in valves, valve-related products and components, actuators, position controllers, compressors, engineering services and software as well as industry associations and publishing companies. In all, 12,500 trade visitors came to Düsseldorf on the three days of the trade show.

The event was held in parallel with the PUMP SUMMIT where about 30 exhibitors from Italy, UK, Germany, China and the United States showcased innovative technologies, components and systems for pumps and seals. Many large organisations have corporate marketing policies which prevent them endorsing Trade associations but we will make available in future an ESA Member plaque or certificate that can be displayed if required for ESA exhibitions.

Photos (click on the photo for a larger picture):

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