Thursday 9th July 2015

Latest digital communication channels statistics

Newsletter statistics

Our April newsletter was sent out on April 28th to 200 recipients. By May 13th 112 users opened it, most in the UK, Germany following close by. 61 of you clicked on at least one of the articles. Most read articles were:

  1. ESA Annual General Meeting getting closer
  2. Meet the executive team
  3. Cooperation with Cetim

Website statistics

Last month (in June) there were 687 unique visitors coming to our website. Together they viewed 2,621 pages, on average 3 pages per visit. One visit lasted for 2:17 minutes on average.

LinkedIn statistics

ESA LinkedIn page has currently 303 followers, with engagement rate of the posts between 1,09% and 3,92% in the last 2 months. The most viewed post was the one from AGM in Mira, where we thanked our long time General Secretary Brian Ellis.

ESA LinkedIn group has currently 726 members, but little conversation between them. Why not start one and ask a question or share a solution to a problem?

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