Tuesday 27th September 2016

Careers Development - Have your Say!

I am pleased to report that the first meeting of the Careers working group took place during the summer and you can see the first draft on the ESA website

The objective of the Careers programme is:

  • To attract new individuals to the Sealing Industry and keep experienced people within it.
  • To promote ESA Member Graduate Training programmes to universities and colleges within Europe.

Where do we go next?

I would like a to hear from any member that has a graduate training programme, small or large. You will see that on the web site we have listed a few that I know of from our members. I am sure there are others.

The site is still very much under development and shortly you will see the formation of the two online forms for individuals to post their resume or CV and a second online form for Member companies and recruitment agencies to post new positions. These two forms will then feed into the tables which will show a summary of the forms and appropriate link if someone wishes to make further contact. The information will automatically time out after two months.

We propose to contact each HR department of the ESA Members to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to post positions. If you can supply the relevant contact it would help tremendously. Please use the Contact form in the Members area.

The next meeting of the Careers working group is at 11.00am CEST on the 14th October, held on line. Please see the Members area.

Mark Neal, Secretary General

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Careers Development - Have your Say!


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