Users of Sealing Devices strive to ensure maximum performance, safety and reliability of sealing technology for their particular applications. This requirement is further complicated with the drive towards the reduction of fugitive emissions, increased energy efficiency and harmonisation of standards. The ESA has focused activity on these issues in its technical documents.

Many ESA publications are available to read online, free of charge. Please click on the Read Online buttons in the lists below. This is the recommended route because it will ensure that you access up-to-date information. Please come back whenever you need to refer to a document again as they are updated regularly.

Should you wish to obtain copies of ESA publications, some are available for free download (as pdf files), while others are available as hard copies and/or CDs (normally there is a charge for hard copies and CDs). Some ESA publications are available in all these formats. In a number of cases, hard copies are available from Division Member Companies. In all of these cases, please be aware that you may miss important revisions or updates, so it is always advisable to read online.

This list is organised primarily according to the following sectors:

Safety, efficiency and environment

Sealing Technology BAT guidance note

ESA Publication 014/05

This document offers guidance notes to the Best Available Techniques for sealing technology used in equipment on industrial installations covered by the EU IPPC Directive and applicable across most process industries. English language version.

Read Online We recommend that you read the document online to access up-to-date information. You are welcome to return on a regular basis.

The publication may be downloaded as a pdf or ordered as a hard copy, but please be aware that you may miss important revisions or updates, so it is always advisable to read online.


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